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Coronavirus Cases Increases Weeks After Arizona Home Quarantine is Lifted!

East Chicago, IN. – In Arizona, the confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to rise after two weeks when they lifted their stay-at-home system. 

According to the report of the State Health Department, there are already 973 new confirmed cases and 40 deaths due to coronavirus on Wednesday, a day after it recorded an increase in infections with 1,127 cases in just 24 hours. The state also confirmed 22,223 total coronavirus cases and 981 total deaths.

Several businesses in Arizona are already operating as long as they perform preventive measures. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, told the CNBC that the return of social and economic activities might cost the public's health.

“A state like Arizona is concerning. The scope of the rise and the velocity of it is concerning. I think it’s going to be hard, though, for a lot of these governors to hear suggestions to go backward and start implementing the mitigation again.” Gottlieb said.

Other states and countries are struggling to control the outbreak amidst the stress of reopening businesses and minimizing movement limitations. This would cause a higher rate of new coronavirus cases in Arizona than the height of the first wave of the coronavirus.

This could take up for more risk. The state of Arizona can have a very large coronavirus outbreak and could end up spreading it to other parts of the country – Gottlieb stated.