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California’s Registered Voters have 3 days to Vote Ahead to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

East Chicago, IN – The Governor of California, Gavin Christopher Newsom, already signed an executive order that permits counties to give only 3 days of early voting ahead of the November 3 public election this year. There will be limited gatherings to the in-person sites during the pandemic to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In the order of Governor Newsom, the locations for drop-box will be available from October 06 to November 03 of 2020, so that all registered voters in California can start casting their ballots before the public elections.

Gov. Newsom stated that the government’s commitment to protecting the right to vote of all citizens in California must continue despite the pandemic crisis. “As the demonstrations across the country remind us, civic participation is critical to our democracy. If we are to address the racial inequities that exist in our institutions, policies and representation, we must ensure that all eligible Californians have an opportunity to safely cast their ballot.” This is the statement of governor Newsom last Wednesday.

Last month, Governor Newsom also administered an executive order permitting election officials in the county to deliver vote-by-mail ballots to every registered voter. There is still an option to vote in person, but with his latest order, the state still seeks to provide officials more methods to keep social distancing and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.