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Kamal Hans

Kamal Hans – Has defined his path and mission as: Someone who leaves the world better for being in it; An entrepreneur who works to solve Public Health problems; Someone remembered for creating a path his children could follow where beings can thrive in harmony. As a business person, a visionary, futurist mindset entrepreneur and thought leader with multiple industries experience. Kamal creates business strategies with a focus on moral, ethical and social responsibility. The approach is always on a holistic approach with an international markets focus, utilizing technology as an enabler, understanding human needs to fulfill, and using the amazing opportunities he has to make a force for good that will result in sustainability for his daughters generation and those far beyond. Currently Kamal is CEO of: one of the oldest S Asian importer and wholesaler (51 years old), Doctor NK, Karmic CBD and Mission Neem Inc. (Bioactive Organic Nanotechnology company) and co-founder of 501c3 Charity Mission Neem 5.

Kamal's 30 years of experience includes 14 Acquisition/Divestment's; Creating two entities (including from inception to over 1,500 and $50M in less than 2 years) and was brought into transform two additional International Healthcare Financial Services and IT outsourcing firms. Other Professional experience includes Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Oracle Corporation (Sold and managed the largest consulting engagement of 1999; Consultant of the year), and Pearson Education. Fulfilling his passion, Kamal is an energy healer; experienced Actor/Singer; works with a number of charities and is a devoted Father and Husband.
Specialties: MBA professional with Fund Raising, Business Transformation, Process & Performance metrics (scorecard) experience; Change Management, Corporate Strategy & Structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions (14 completed), Executive Team Development, Center of Excellence Design & Implementation, & General Corporate Mgmt. Domestic (US) & globally focused (significant time in India); Experience in the IT, Healthcare, Government (S&L), Publishing, & Consumer Goods industries.