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Mandavi Kulkarni, M.D.

Dr. Mandavi Kulkarni is a Infectious Disease MD, Infection Control Specialist and antimicrobial Steward who most recently has been leading the battle for patients in Northwest Indiana against COVID 19.  Dr Kulkarni gained a passion for her field of specialization as a young girl as she fought for her life while visiting family in India.  She had a severe case of amoebic dysentery and the treatment which eventually saved her life instilled in her a fascination with infection, viruses, bacteria and the unseen microbes which affect our lives more and more everyday.

She followed that passion with a stellar academic career leading her to Cornell University, a medical degree with honors from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2000 and a joint fellowship in Infectious Disease at the University of Chicago and The University of Illinois.  Dr Kulkarni has practiced in Illinois and Indiana for 17 years and looks forward to enhancing her skills as she completes an advanced degree in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

As a physician she has been asked many times, why she chose the field of infectious diseases, Dr Kulkarni responds that this is a field affecting every part of our lives.  This is an area of medicine that integrates in almost every other field of specialization.  COVID 19 may be spotlighted now, but when you think of everything from MRSA, Malaria, Legionnaires, Salmonella, E-Coli to a common infection you realize that this is a field that's going to continue to move and to change and be challenging.  Dr. Kulkarni is constantly striving to find new ways to mitigate the hidden  and microscopic dangers of ID and sees a silver lining in recent COVID 19 struggles as being a new found respect and understanding of everyday things like hand-washing, personal hygiene and an appreciation for how to enhance the immune system.  In addition to her role as an Infectious Disease physician, her roles in Infection Control and antimicrobial stewardship allow her the opportunity to contribute in how we prevent the development of multidrug-resistant organisms and hospital acquired infections.

Dr Kulkarni's career has included multiple positions with Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, NorthShore Skokie Hospital,  NorthShore University and currently Community Care Network in Indiana. 

Dr Kulkarni is excited about the ability to contribute through research and practical applications of science in everyday life through meaningful products like Doctor NKs' Moisturizing Neem Hand Sanitizer and looks forward to other solutions and products coming soon.